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We help answer real, important questions related to your financial well-being.

How should I save for retirement?

Can I afford to switch careers or retire early?

How can I protect what I leave to my children?

Do I have the right insurance?

How do I pay for college?

How do I manage my financial life after divorce?

How do I manage my financial life after the death of a spouse?

In what order should I spend my assets in retirement?

When should I take Social Security?

Can I afford a vacation home or to travel?

We are keen on building the financial lives our clients envision.  

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What is it? The Sense was inspired by the women of Beacon Pointe Advisors and is a free, e-mail subscription service that provides one bite-sized financial tip a week.

To anyone who has thought, I should really know more about my finances, or There is just too much to know, The Sense is for you. You can sign up to receive our weekly financial tips at www.GetTheSense.com.


From us to you: Our passion, our dream…


Take hold of your financial future.  We’ll help you do so.

We get you because we are like you.  We are moms, daughters, wives, sisters and friends. We’re also business owners, financial planners, investment advisors and lawyers. We simply have the tools, resources and passion to help you put your best financial foot forward.