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We are passionate about sharing practical financial knowledge with our clients, colleagues, family and friends. We’ve crafted many articles and video segments designed to support your overall financial health and well-being.

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Downloadable Resources for Financial Milestones in Your Life


When a Loved One Passes

When a Loved One Passes

PDF - When a Loved One Passes

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Your Financial Life After Divorce

PDF Download - Life After Divorce

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Family Finances Agenda

PDF - Family Finances Agenda

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Vital Family Information Checklist

Vital Family Information Checklist

PDF - Vital Family Information Checklist

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Dream & Do: Make Travel a Financial Reality

Beacon Pointe Talking Money as heard on KOIT 96.5 FM:

Investing & Retirement Overview

50–30–20 Rule

Keeping Debt in Check

Emergency Fund

Finding a Way to Save

Who To Turn To

The Hierarchy of Saving

An Overview of Investment Types

Asset Allocation & Diversification

By Losing Less, You Earn More

The Importance of an Estate Plan

Selecting an Investment Advisor

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