How We Help

We have a holistic approach to wealth advice,

And are OPEN to meeting the unique needs of our clients.


Objective: We provide our clients with peace of mind.  We do so by taking our clients through our unique financial planning process to produce a personalized plan powered by research driven investment strategies.  Our advice is objective and clear, putting our clients’ needs above our own.


Prudent Investing: Your portfolio will be invested within the guidelines set by Beacon Pointe’s Investment Committee and chosen in a manner that best meets your life and legacy goals while taking the least amount of risk possible.


Experienced: Our team is comprised of individuals knowledgeable and experienced to assist you with your unique financial circumstances. Our team includes a mix of Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®), a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA®), JDs, MBAs, CFAs, among many other certifications.


Needs Based: Your experience is customized to the unique needs, goals and preferences of your personal financial life.

Strategic & Financial Planning



Life and Legacy Planning

Life and legacy goals are very important to many of our clients and usually what drives the investment portfolio setup. Generational wealth transfers are an important component to many of our client families.  We can assist you with constructing a financial plan that ensures your retirement needs are met while taking into consideration your desire to help and protect the loved ones around you.





Supporting Children

You must pay yourself in retirement before assisting your (grand)kids with college tuition.  Student loans are a viable option, but there are no loans for retirement!





Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Running a business can be exhilarating but all-consuming. The sale of a business is no different. Let us help you protect your family and your business by building a plan that considers your full financial picture.



A Road Map to Managing Your Financial Life 



Your Personal Financial Dashboard

Actively manage your financial plan and investments to make important life decisions.

Life Transitions



Entering Retirement

Knowing (not guessing!) that you are set for retirement is a major stress reliever.  We partner with you to create a retirement plan that is scenario-tested and can withstand the “what ifs” life may throw your way.






Divorce is traumatic.  Both emotionally and financially.  And, although it may seem like it, the world is not coming to an end – your world is simply changing.  We have Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® credentialed wealth advisors on staff who can support and guide you throughout the financial aspects of this major life adjustment.





Death of a Spouse

When a loved one passes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the need to make final arrangements, complete paperwork and settle the estate. While each situation varies and you should seek guidance from an estate tax attorney, our wealth advisory team can guide you through the timing and key tasks that are typically undertaken by those responsible for settling an estate.  To help our clients and their families during this difficult time, we help them understand what financial and legal tasks they might be able to put off for a few days, weeks or months, so that they have the peace and space to process their loss.





Birth of a (Grand)child

The birth of a (grand)child is a joyous and momentous occasion – one to be celebrated!  Adding another little one to your family clan may mean that updates need to be made to guardianship and beneficiary designations.  We can work with you and directly with your estate planning attorney to ensure these important modifications are made and kept up to date as your family grows.



Investors Just Getting Started



Power of Compounding

Compounding refers to generating earnings on your initial investment, and on earnings the investment has previously made and it can turn a small investment into a large sum, but time is of the essence.  Put simply, the earlier you start saving, the less you have to save.  So, let time do part of the work for you. It only takes a minimum investment of $5,000 to get your investment portfolio up and running.  If you’re ready, let’s get started.